Connected Business Implementation


Tek365 has unmatched experience with Connected Business support. Come take advantage of our years of expertise!

We offer competitive quotes for the setup of new or existing servers that will host Connected Business, the installation of Connected Business on those servers, individual end user’s Connected Business client installations, the migration of your current e-commerce/accounting/customers/inventory/suppliers data to the new Connected Business setup, training and much more.

Pricing is based on the amount of end users that be accessing Connected Business and a fair assessment of the labor necessary to complete all of the work.

Our team performing the work will also be performing the training, with over 10 years of experience with Connected Business.

We have setup Connected Business for small offices with only 5 employees to large companies with 100s of employees. Our high level of support and work doesn’t vary, no matter the size of the request.
Our training commonly focuses on the many combined features that Connected Business brings to the table, including an easy-to-use dashboard for workflows, role-based module configuration (for example, limiting sales reps to only being able to access customers and enter orders) as well as a transition to using one software for accounting, CRM, ERP, order intake, inventory management, shipping, supplier/vendor management, e-commerce and more!

We provide 1-on-1 personal training sessions as well as personalized training material.



To start, simply contact Tek365 to receive a quote on the estimated time of completion. Once approved and processed, we take it from there! You will be informed of every step in the process promptly.

Interested? Call 262-457-7100 to start your road to Connected Business!

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