Data Backup

Plans (Supports Unlimited PCs, Servers and Macs)    
Storage Space Promo Offer Versioning* Monthly Rate Yearly Rate Sign Up
10 GB 100 GB $9.95 $99.50 Sign Up
20 GB 200 GB $19.95 $199.50 Sign Up
50 GB 500 GB $49.95 $499.50 Sign Up
100 GB 1000 GB $99.95 $999.50 Sign Up
200 GB 2000 GB $199.95 $1999.50 Sign Up
300 GB 3000 GB $299.95 $2999.50 Sign Up
On Demand Storage

IBackup offers On Demand Storage
for all accounts. If your storage exceeds the plan limits,
there is no compulsion to upgrade to a new plan. However,
you are charged an additional $2 per GB/month.

* IBackup
allows you to retain and restore 30 previous versions of
all files backed up to your account. The additional storage
requirement for the previous versions has no impact on your
account’s space, as your storage is computed only for the
most current version; historical versions are stored free.



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