iPhone Board Repairs

Any device, screens, batteries, charge ports, cameras, DIY rescue repair, tempered glass installation.  We only install original quality parts.  Our pricelist varies as the prices of our original quality repair parts fluctuates due to supply and demand.

Call us to get pricing and turn around times and schedule drop off/pick up at 414-928-0088.

Mail-In board repairs

All devices need a formal or verbal quote before being shipped to us.  For a quote, go to Get a Quote/Send It In and fill out the request.

Specific Repairs

iPhone Board Repairs:


iPhone 6+/6/6s –

iPhone 6/6+ Touch IC Replacement – $200
iPhone 6/6+ connectors – $99
iPhone 6/6+ BSOD – $200
iPhone 6/6+ backlight – $200
iPhone 6s backlight – $150

iPhone 5/5c/5s –

iPhone 5/5S backlight filters replacement and connector reflow – $69
iPhone 5/5S backlight coil and diode replacement – $99
iPhone 5 classic pry damage solution for no power/no home problem – $99

  • $25 per solder pad if missing (rare)

iPhone 5s BSOD – $140

iPhone 4/4s –

iPhone 4/4S LCD connector reflow – $69

IPad Board Repairs:

iPad Air –

iPad Air charging ports – $150

iPad Mini –

iPad mini/mini retina tiers fuse replacement:

  • Level 1 (with no prior repair attempt) – $39
  • Level 2 – $69
  • Level 3 – $99

iPad 2,3,4 –

iPad 2, 3, 4 fuse replacement:

  • Level 1 – $45
  • Level 2 – $69
  • Level 3 – $99

Miscellaneous Board Repairs:

iPhone/iPad Motherboard Connectors – $69
Charge port soldering – $49
Flex-based soldered on charge ports – $69
Complex charge ports (visible damage) – $99

  • Samsung S2, S3, S4 charge ports
  • iPad mini dock connector
  • iTouch 4th gen dock connector
  • Kindle Fire charge port

Water Damage (Data Recovery only).

$300 with a $100 rush fee: Turnaround time is 6 weeks. Rush service is available for $100 data rush fee. Board will be worked on upon arrival. Full service board repair with cleaning, reflow and replacement of damaged components at board level.

MacBook motherboard repair – $250

Comprehensive service to bring back 90% of the functions of the device. We do not do “service-only” repairs for MacBooks, i.e. we cannot just replace a chip or a connector as a stand alone repair.

Mail-In Quote Form

1.) Get a quote by filling out the form below
If we cannot fix your device you will only be invoiced for return shipping and reassembly if needed.  (There is a $20 reassembly fee charged for no fix devices that need complete reassembly)

If you are in a hurry, call us for a quote (414) 928-0088

2.) You have a verbal quote and are ready to send your device, fill out an online work request using the form below.

This lets us know to expect your device in for repair.  After you fill out the following forms, prepare your device for service.


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