Notebook Repair does out of warranty service and repair for most major brands of notebook computers such as Compaq, Dell, Toshiba, IBM, Gateway, Micron, CTX, Fujitsu and Sony.

For minor repairs we have a flat rate plus parts. For notebooks that require major board level repairs, we have a price range of $400-$550. We can also offer you an evaluation of your notebook problem for a fee of $125.00, which is waived if you decide to go ahead with the repair. Our turn around time can be from 3 minutes to 3 weeks depending on your needs and the availability of any needed service parts. Quantity discounts are available to firms that send us 5 or more notebooks at one time for repair.

Because we are in the parts business, our notebook parts pricing is very competitive. Many of our customers are other notebook repair facilities that come to us for their own notebook parts needs. Whether you need LCD Panels, Main Boards, Inverter Boards, Keyboards, Hard and/or Floppy drives, etc, should be your number one source for notebook computer repairs and spare parts! Also, ask us about our other repair services. If you need repairs for hard drives, printers, tape drives or printheads, Tek365.nets has the solution for you!

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