Terms of Service

The primary goal for us at tek365 is to make it right and make it work for you, our customer. Within reason. Customer is our boss. We charge what we would ourselves be willing to pay, and what the customer agrees to and approves. Sometimes a customer’s real need is to go somewhere and buy a new computer. We will show OUR costs – straight up, what it would take to repair or replace required component(s) and help customer decide their best course of action. All work we do is warranted 30 days from return of computer to customer. If our work is judged by us to be less than what is best for customer, if customer did opt for our best recommended fix; we will not charge customer until we make it right. We use industry standard ways, means, tools, equipment to provide a service to our customer. We do not provide this service as a hobby, but a business. If we invest time in cleaning virii, malware from a customer’s system and problem continues because of customer use habits within that 30 days, we still provided a service that had a value, as agreed to upon receipt of computer by customer…our fee is only fair. Still, bring it back to us. We will sometimes (every case is different) try to make things right again on our time, just because you are our customer. Most valuable to us is customer trust, happiness. Bring it back if you have any problem. You and Tek365 staff will feel that your service was the best at a better than fair price.

The process;
1) you bring us your computer – telling us problem
2) we diagnose problem, determine fix(es)
3) we call you, offer solution(s), recieve approval from you to perform agreed upon (x) work for (x) dollars.
4) we contact you as computer is ready. you have warranty on our good work and our honor

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