Virus Removal And Performance Boost

Is your computer running slow or not at all? Save big with our “Virus Removal And Performance Boost” $120
Now is a great time to let Tek365 in Milwaukee help your PC, Laptop, PowerBook get a much needed cleaning, antivirus check and performance enhancement. First, Tek365 will offer a FREE evaluation of your computer before we recommend a paid service. Some computers simply are not worth saving and we will tell you upfront if its more expansive to repair than to replace. Then, we will perform the service list below and get your computer back to you quickly.

  • SMART Drive check health of hard drive
  • Check power supply health
  • Check internal fans on CPU and chassis
  • Clean laptop/PC Fans vents and airflow ducts
  • Check for missing and most appropriate drivers on devices
  • Check & remove antivirus, malware, spyware, boot sector virus
  • Free antivirus software non-expiry (commercial quality)
  • Memory testing and sizing recommendation
  • Turn off unnecessary running services
  • Defragment disk
  • Windows update
  • Remove 3rd party search toolbars
  • Configure system restore
  • Create base System Restore Point
  • Laptop – clean between keys, clean screen with LCD cleaner
  • Optional – laptops new thermal compound $50 additional
  • Optional – desktops new thermal compound $30 additional
  • Optional – remote backup setup, yearly $50

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