Zimbra General Support


At Tek365, we specialize in general support for Zimbra, regardless of the edition you possess. We can provide general 7 days a week/365 days a year support for Zimbra Community, Network and Open Source. We are available to answer your questions, to consult with you on the time needed to fix the issue and will promptly start working on the issue after that initial discussion.

We have experience fixing issues with e-mail accounts, aliases, server-specific issues, DNS-related issues, and have nearly a decade of overall Zimbra experience.

To start, simply fill out the quote form here or contact Tek365 directly to receive a quote on the estimated time of completion. Once approved and processed, we take it from there, performing the task quickly and precisely. You will be informed of every step in the process promptly.

Interested? Call 414-928-0088 to schedule a discussion now!.

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